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Our new project - Bikes for Ukraine

An unprecedented energy crisis came to Ukraine since the war had started; buying gas has become practically impossible. Yet people need transport more than ever. People all around Ukraine have self-organised to help each other get food, medicine, and basic supplies. But getting these things to those who need them is practically impossible if you don’t have transport.

Luckily, one mode of transport is reliable, easy to operate, requires no special skills or maintenance, and, importantly, doesn’t run on fuel. We all know it. It’s the bicycle.

Read more on how you can help at a link below.

Who we are

We are a self-organised group of volunteers who united their efforts for purchasing and delivering medical and other specialised cars to Ukraine, as well as medical and humanitarian aid. Originally from different countries, most of us live in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In order to make our work efficient, organised and transparent, we registered a non-profit organisation Zeilen van Vrijheid in the Netherlands.

You can find more coverage of our work from different media outlets from around the world in our media kit.

What we do

We have direct contact with our partners in Ukraine including hospitals, local officials, and volunteers. We also partner with a few other humanitarian aid organisations and groups in Europe. We look for used ex-ambulance vans across the EU on request from a concrete hospital or local authorities, make technical inspection, arrange export documents and drive the vehicles to the Ukrainian border, loaded with humanitarian aid on request. From the border the cars are delivered to the receivers by the local volunteers.

We collect (as donations) and buy whatever is needed. We have deals with charity funds that pay our bills for the most expensive and rare medical supplies (we are talking about dozens of thousand euro) – and connections with hospitals and suppliers in our countries that are able to give us some of the stuff free of charge.

We buy used cars (mainly minivans and ambulance cars) – the ones that can be used by hospitals in Ukraine. We load the cars with the goods that were requested and send them directly to Ukraine (cars go in convoys driven by our volunteer drivers). Our cars are not being unloaded at the border, we do not lose precious time, all our goods go straight through to the other side, where needed. In accordance with our agreement with the State Border Guards our cars get through with no delays. Our convoys leave regularly.

Since early March, we sent eight humanitarian convoys with 70 ambulance cars, a fire truck and 18 support vehicles. We are working on getting more cars and supplies for the next convoy.

Special projects:

What is special about us

We have direct contact with Ukrainian hospitals and numerous Ukrainian government offices and diplomatic missions.

ambulance inside

Zeilen van Vrijheid founders have official authorisation and support letters from the following Ukrainian government offices who endorse our mission and request providing us support from the other organizations within Ukraine and abroad.

State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Office of the President of Ukraine

Partnership for businesses and communities

If you represent a business or a community and would like to purchase an ambulance car to send to Ukrainian hospitals in your name, Zeilen van Vrijheid can assist you throughout this process or do everything on your behalf. We will be happy to discuss various branding solutions and information support to recognize the contribution of your company. Your donations will be processed through an ANBI-recognized foundation to decrease income tax in the Netherlands (conditions apply).

See our presentation with partnership opportunities here. For inquiries, please reach out to Veronika Mutsei via [email protected] or by phone +31 68 3865141.

You can help our cause using one of the payment methods listed below. Your donation will be spent on new ambulance and support cars, medical goods and supplies purchases, export clearance, fuel and related delivery costs. Stichting Zeilen van Vrijheid does not have salaried employees and has low administrative costs that are spent primarily to support a website and organize work using web collaboration software.

Collection points for humanitarian aid